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Folkert and Laura, founders of OAK, together with their team, create interior concepts that tell a story. Your story to be precise.

“An interior design tells the story of a brand and showcases its DNA. A play-safe interior is a missed opportunity to make a statement. While a random interior is a missed chance to show what you stand for. For us, interior design is more than a nice colour on the walls. It’s an optimal and balanced interplay of colours, materials and shapes. Where it’s the details that make the difference. And it doesn’t have to be perfect. Preferably not, in fact. Rough edges and weathered materials give an interior individuality and character.

Our interior concepts do more than just look great. They also contribute to people’s well-being, productivity and happiness. Not only meeting the requirements and wishes of the user, but also matching always the environment for which they’ve been designed.

Aesthetics and sustainability can work really well together in an interior and it’s always possible to make a sustainable choice. If you think it’s important enough. Which we do. A successful designed interior is one the like of which you’ve never seen before. In order to be innovative, we’re continually challenging ourselves as designers. Looking beyond current trends and existing interiors. Because that’s where we’ll find the ideas that can make an interior authentic, outspoken and far removed from the mainstream.”

One of a Kind.



We are curious. 

And that means…

  • we’re interested in you and not in making ourselves seem interesting.
  • we discover your unique story.
  • we’re always seeking out new possibilities, materials and applications.

What does all that curiosity deliver? An innovative interior that is a three-dimensional translation of your brand.


We are quirky.

And that means…

  • we dare to make a statement in our designs.
  • we’re a critical contractor with our own vision.
  • we’ll push for the most ‘exciting’ ideas, because they’re the ones that make the difference.

What does all that quirkiness deliver? A surprising and outspoken interior that you never grow tired of.


We are driven

And that means…

  • we go that extra mile for you.
  • we push on. Even when you might think the job’s done.
  • we do it right. Or not at all.

What does that drive deliver? An optimal result and a spatial concept that works right down to the finest details.


We are down-to-earh.

And that means…

  • we do what we say we will.
  • you know where you stand with us.
  • we don’t beat about the bush.

What does our down-to-earth approach deliver? A no-nonsense process, where all our time and energy go into achieving the final result.


Not just an interior, but a spatial brand experience.

Delivers a total concept that’s thought through right down to the napkins.
Develops Never the same thing twice.
Designs Every idea to be planet-proof.


OAK is for any brand that needs a spatial translation of its own unique story. From restaurant to museum, concept store to multinational head office. And Drachten to Den Haag. To create interiors that are unlike any other, we’re continuously challenging ourselves as a team. And so day in, day out we’re looking for those trends that have yet to become a trend. So that our work is even more innovative. Even more sustainable. Even more expertly crafted.

What sets OAK apart is our drive to design an interior that tells your story. Of course, to do that we first need to know your story. So it’s only once we know everything about you that we get to work. With an eager team of specialists from a wide range of disciplines who can best translate your story into a spatial ‘one of a kind’ concept.

“Interiors where there are not two of them”